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    The ultra-pure water machine innovative concept design supports the rapid development of the industry

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    The ultra-pure water machine, as a non-main laboratory test equipment, is not expensive, but it plays a key role in affecting the success or failure of the experiment or the accuracy of the test data. 1. The detection and display of the water quality of the terminal's water intake, although the ultrapure water machine can represent the water quality to a certain extent, it has reached the needs of the experiment or inspection equipment; but is the data displayed accurately? 

    Is the detection sensor calibrated? Although the water quality is still greater than 18MΩ.CM. However, the consumables are about to expire, whether the weakly charged ions such as silicon and boron have been precipitated, and the ultrapure water machine can not see the water resistivity display, but the detection of various metal salts has produced irreparable errors. 2. The quality of tap water varies from place to place, and the ultrapure water machine will have different effects on the purification unit in the system. Surface water in southern China has a low salt content, but spores of various types of moss in hot weather are prone to grow, especially when the water supply tank is not properly cleaned, the spores of moss can easily enter the ultrapure water system This phenomenon, ultra-pure water machines are often found in water machines with only ultra-purified units. 

    Because the pure water storage bucket used as the inlet water is not closed to take water, micro algae spores in the air are easy to fall into the bucket, and as the weather is fine and the water temperature is appropriate, the moss will multiply and flow in the system. The Taishui machine is basically similar to human beings with cancer, and it is difficult to cure.

    First, the core technology of ultra-pure water machine
    ○ Operation mode
    Ultra-pure water machine microcomputer intelligent control, automatic water production, touch buttons, one-button operation
    ○ System monitoring
    Pure water conductivity (μs / cm) value, UP ultrapure water resistivity (MΩ · cm) value, ultrapure water machine real-time monitoring ultrapure water device operating parameters and working status
    ○ Security
    Power-on self-test, water shortage, automatic protection from power failure, special depth pre-desalting, built-in anti-scaling program, built-in automatic cleaning, circulation program, automatic flushing pretreatment and RO system, progressive filter system, fully enclosed antibacterial unit The design and optimized structure settings can detect the power status of the system in real time. The pressure of the ultrapure water machine prompts to replace the RO membrane, and the indicator prompts to replace the purification unit, which is convenient for maintenance.
    ○ Extended function
    Ultra-pure water machine production water quality, water volume can be upgraded, liquid level automatic control, TOC online detector, movable water intake arm to achieve remote water intake, etc.

    2. Working conditions of ultrapure water machine
    Standard type: source water city tap water (additional strengthening pretreatment unit is added when TDS≥300) External softening filter / multi-media filter (high hardness / high turbidity source water area recommended option) Inlet water temperature: 5-40 ℃; Water inlet pressure: 1 ~ 5kg / cm2 Ultra pure water machine Power supply: 220V / 50HZ, Electric power: 30-80W

    3. Main functions of ultrapure water machine
    1. The system is highly integrated, adopts internationally leading process design, and has excellent performance;
    2. The operation design conforms to ergonomics, the ultrapure water machine has self-diagnosis and alarm, and some faults self-repair function;
    3. Fully automatic control by microcomputer, with automatic start-up and self-checking of the system, automatic protection from water and power failure, automatic protection from over-pressure of water and electricity, automatic maintenance and flushing of the system, etc. Repair and maintenance are easier
    4. The ultra-pure water machine system can be operated continuously for a long time (water consumption> 200L / day), the water quality is stable, and the continuous water supply flow and pressure are ensured;
    5. The rack type adopts modular control integration, rigorous structure, clear process materials, and simple control operation;
    6. Cabinet-type (less than 500L) super-large control panel, touch screen optional; ultra-pure water machine monitoring and control data; data can be stored and transmitted, equipped with PC interface, can be connected to a computer terminal (optional); in line with modern medical laboratory inspection Dataization and standardization construction.
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